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What makes Leapfrog POS unique?

Experience a different kind of point of sale software, one that is easy to use yet includes a comprehensive set of powerful enterprise features. For on premise point of sale, front counter, restaurant, bar, pizzeria, quick service, delivery and many other configurations. Its easily deployed in just seconds, backed by our private cloud and it takes just minutes to learn.

From one location to thousands, Leapfrog POS scales with ease to fit your organization and fully integrates with a wide range of modules and options. Best of all you no longer have to chose between the portability of tablet point of sale and the feature richness of traditional terminals. You can have both!

Leapfrog POS is delivered as a Hosted, and Managed Point of Sale solution delivered as a pay as you go service.  We know that one size doesn't fit all so leapfrogpos.com is the perfect combination of extreme flexibility balanced with ease of use.  Best of all it is backed by amazing support and human contact that you can access every step of the way. 

Traditional Point of Sale Terminals

With long warranty and environmentaly hardened cases, traditional point of sale terminals have been around for a long time. They can be placed on top of counters, or mounted on walls. They have multiple interfaces for printers, keyboard, barcode scanners and other peripherals. Traditional terminals can be deployed in either wired or wireless implementationtations.

Point of Sale Tablets

Point of Sale tablets are cost effective, mobile and versatile. They allow you to take the order right in front of your guest increasing accuracy and efficiency as servers can go right to the next table or guest and not have to re-enter the order at a terminal. leapfrogpos.com uses Microsoft Surface pro tablets that come in many shapes and sizes from 7" to 12" and beyond. They are slick and super easy to use. Our software uniquely adapts to each screen size in order to give you the best user experience.

Configuration and Use in 3 Easy Steps

  • Once you receive your secure Point of Sale information, you will be able to dowload the software required to setup your inventory items, menus, discounts, taxes, team members, payment methods, and printers.
  • For some of the advanced features such as recipe and business rules setup, you will work with one of our setup associates who will help configure your Point of Sale to meet your specific needs.

  • Once your POS is setup, you can download the leapfrogpos.com Client Application and install it on your Point of Sale systems.  Then you are ready to start processing transactions!  It is that easy!

  • Keep and eye on your business and access your reports over the Internet using your computer,
    or via the iPhone Real-time management App.
  • Make changes instantly and immediately update your terminals, it's really easy to do even if you have multiple locations.


Grow your sales and lower your costs

Chose from our wide range of add-on services. From Online and Mobile Ordering to Inventory Management, Product Variance, Labor Scheduling and beyond. It's easy to try out and quickly deploy any of our wide range of tools to help take your business to the next level.

For multi-unit Enterprise customers we offer project management, customization, and consultation services available to help you tailor Leapfrog POS to your business.  Contact us for more details on Enterpise rollouts.

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