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What makes leapfrogpos.com unique is its ability to fully integrate all aspects of your business.  It easly scales from a single store to multiple -- from a single business to complex multi-unit environments with multiple owners and franchisees.  It offers some of the best busienss management options in the market and many options for Online and Mobile ordering.  It's the remarkable Point of Sale system that offers all the tools you need to manage your business and your business growth. 

The best part is that it takes just minutes to learn, it is available any place, any time and when you need help, our complete team is here ready for you to access.

Key Features Include:
Point of Sale

  • Table Layout with Status Update
  • Open Cash Drawer
  • Order Lookup
  • View Order
  • Quick Sale
  • Tabs & Parking Lot
  • Unlimited User Defined Item Buttons
  • Business Rules Product Configurator
  • Recipes Tracking
  • Flexible Discounts and Package Deals
  • Bar Code Support
  • Seat Management
  • Unlimited Forms of Payment
  • Integrated Credit, Debit, and Gift Card Processing
  • Easy Split and Merge Functions
  • House Charges
  • Quick Lookups
  • Multi-Level Security
  • Order Transfers
  • Flexible Kitchen Ticket Design & Formating
  • Backup Kitchen Printers
  • Cash Drop Alerts
  • Swipe Card Access
  • Time and Attendance
  • Cash Tip Declaration
  • End of Shift
  • End of Day
  • End of Shift All
  • Easy to Use
  • One Click Installation

Front Counter

  • Real Time Integration with Call Center and Website
  • Pickup and Wait Order Status
  • Timers and Notifications
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Cash Drawer Management
  • Easy to Use
  • One Click Installation
Driver Dispatch

  • Real Time Integration with Call Center and Website
  • Timed Orders
  • Predate Orders
  • Multiple Sorting and Filtering Options
  • Driver Banks
  • Multiple Levels of Security
  • Configurable Dispatch Tickets
  • Notifications for Easily Forgotten Items
  • Driver Inquiry Screen
  • Dispatcher Functionality
  • Easy to Use
Remote Printing Agent

  • Real Time communication link between the Call Center, Website and the stores.
  • Easy to Use

Remote Printing Agent Global Compatibility

  • For Stores using other POS systems, this module allows leapfrogpos.com Call Center and Web Orders to print remotely.  It easily allows any store to become an order delivery station.
  • Works through Corporate Firewalls
  • One Click Web Installation
  • Easy to Use
Store Web Administration Portal

  • Web-based Administration for Stores
  • Team Member Management
  • Swipe Card Encoder
  • Payroll Management
  • Time Clock Management
  • Store Information Management
  • Order Listing Report
  • Team Member Sales Summary Report
  • Delivery Order Detail Report
  • Sales and Labor Daily Report
  • Delivery Order Report
  • Pickup Order Report
  • Telephone Order Report
  • Payroll Report
  • Tip/Labor Report
  • Labor Planning Report
  • Payroll ADP Export
  • Clock-out by System Report
  • Currently Clocked-In Report
  • Daily Time Clock Report
  • Salaried Team Member Tracking Sheet
  • Staff Changes Audit Trail Report
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Credit Card Report
  • Credit Card Exception Report
  • Forecast Report
Enterprise Web Administration Portal

  • Web-based Enterprise Administration
  • Multiple Stores Management
  • Easily Create Multiple Stores
  • Unlimited Levels of Organization
  • Franchisee Administration
  • Franchisor Adminsitration
  • Inventory Management
  • Security Management
  • Multilevel Reporting
  • Global Tracking and Security

Call Center

  • Telephone Order Taking
  • Delivery Address to Store Mapping
  • Full Order Taking Capabilities
  • Easy to Use
  • One Click Installation

XML Order API & Gateway

  • Easily send orders from legacy systems to leapfrogpos.com stores.
  • Rules-based Translation 

Online Ordering

  • Completely Integrated provides complete flexibility
  • Pickup and Delivery Modes
  • Directly linked to the Menu Manager
  • Directly linked to the Discount Manager
  • Directly linked to the CRM

Additional Optional Components

  • Integrated General Ledger
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable
  • Integrated Accounts Payable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Integration with Great Plains
  • On demand Alerts & Notifications
  • Digital Signage

leapfrogpos.com Supply Chain module integrates with Presto Foods', Sygma's, and Sysco Foods' invoicing systems. Orders placed with these suppliers can automatically update your product's inventory on-hand values without manual data entry. Supply chain integration makes inventory management easier cutting both time and costs, while increasing efficiency and accuracy.


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